Mani is a region in Southern Peloponnese, Greece with a unique historical, architectural, geographical and cultural identity.
Taygetus which is the highest mountain of Peloponnese, frames the whole landscape of Mani and attracts the interest of researchers and travelers from around the world for its wild beauty, its paths, the forest of Vasiliki and the unique gorges of Viros and Rintomo.
The region of Mani is well-known for its of traditional villages, towers and castles while there are more than a thousand of old Byzantine churches.
At the Old town of Kardamili one can visit the impressive castellated towers and the Byzantine Temple of Saint Spyridon.
Other places of unique interest are the mountainous villages of Tseria, Pirgos, Thalames, Milea, Lagkada as well as the coastal ones of Aghios Nicolaos and Trachila.
Within the greater region of Messinia one can visit the palace of Nestor which is one of the most important monuments of the ancient Mycenaean era as well as the ancient Messini which is the best preserved ancient city in Greece with its public buildings, temples, fortresses and houses.
Other areas of interest are Polylimnio a gorge with waterfalls and a cluster of lakes, Diros Cave, and Vathia village in Laconia which is a well preserved and imposing settlement with towers and castles; a characteristic example of the traditional architecture of Mani.

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